01 августа 2018 года

Situation in Afghanistan and its influence on security of Central Asia countries

This film was created by the Center of scientific and analytical information of the Institute of Oriental Studies RAS together with the Kazan Federal University.

The main content of the film — the reasons of tension’s increase in Afghanistan, the structure of anti-government groups, the objects of their attacks, sources of funding for anti-government groups, possible measures for resolving the Afghan problem.

The author of the idea and the script: Head of the Center of scientific and analytical information IOS RAS Plotnikov Nikolay, Doctor of Political Sciences.

Head of creative team (from KFU side) : Director of the Institute of International Relations of Kazan Federal University Ramil Khairutdinov, Candidate of Historical Sciences.

Источник: Институт востоковедения РАН

На данном видео: Плотников Николай Дмитриевич